About CCF

Founded in 1962, The China Computer Federation (CCF) is a non-governmental academic society in China computer science and its related fields. CCF has 11 working committees, 35 technical committees, and 13 varieties of publications. It has more than 20,000 members. CCF is now a sister society association partner of IEEE CS and a strategy partner of ACM.

About CNCC2016

China National Computer Congress (CNCC), founded by the China Computer Federation (CCF) in 2003, is an annual congress in computing. By the 13 years development, it has become the largest and most influential event in China, and the participants in 2015 has been over 4000. The congress includes Keynote presentations from over the world, forums, events, exhibition, awarding ceremony and so on.

CNCC2016 will be held in Taiyuan, Shanxi province during October 20-22, 2016. The theme of CNCC2016 is ‘Computing Changes the Future’. 15 speeches will be given by the world-class researchers and successful entrepreneurs in the field of IT. The congress also includes 30 Technical Forums and 50 fascinating Events. Hopefully more than 5000 participants will attend the event.

Keynote speakers in the past few years include winners of Turing award and famous scientists all over the world, such as Michael Stonebraker (the winner of the Turning award in 2015), Joseph Sifakis (CNRS researcher and the founder of Verimag laboratory), Raj Reddy (pioneer in Computer Science and Artificial), Vinton Cerf(Father of the Internet), Ivan Sutherland(Father of the Computer Graphics), Guojie Li (Honorary President of CCF and academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering), Wen Gao (President of CCF and academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering), Masaru Kizuregawa (Director General of National Institute of Informatics, Japan and 2013-2015 president of IPSJ), Jack Ma (founder and executive chairman of Alibaba Group), Lei Jun (founder of Xiaomi Inc) etc.

CNCC also attracts the world's leading academic organizations like ACM (Association for Computing Machinery), IEEE CS (IEEE Computer Society), IPSJ (Information Processing Society of Japan) and KIISE (Korean Institute of Information Scientists and Engineers). ACM and IEEE CS will be the cooperators of CNCC2016.

CNCC aims to provide the valuable platform and opportunities for the development of academia, industry and professionals in China.

CNCC2016 Dates & Hours

Coming soon

Conference Venue

Parkview Hotel, Shanxi
Website: http://parkviewgrandhotel.com/
Tel:+86 351 7786666
Fax:+86 351 7786999

Transport Information

From Taiyuan Wusu International Airport (TWIA) to Conference Venue

The conference venue (Parkview Hotel, Taiyuan) is about 16km from Taiyuan Wusu International Airport (TWIA). It takes 30minutes’car Journey from the airport to the conference venue.

Please inform us of the exact arrival information that we can arrange the car for you.



All overseas participants, except Chinese citizens, need a Chinese Visa to travel to China. Any questions regarding visa application can be directed to the Chinese Visa Application Service Center on the website http://www.visaforchina.org.

If any question, please contact us: cncc_pr@ccf.org.cn